USM LAC Professor Chosen as New Century Scholar

Professor Ike Levine Ike Levine, a professor and research scientist at USM LAC, has been chosen as a New Century Scholar by the State Department’s Fulbright program. He is scheduled to spend this fall in India where he will be working with scientists from the University of Delhi. He and his colleagues will be working on the discovery of a cost-effective, clean source of fuel, using algae as their primary fuel source. The ultimate goal is to use algae as a biofuel and reduce the dependence on fossil fuel and foreign dependency on oil.

For more information please see the Sun-Journal feature story.

Levine received his Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii. His area of expertise is algal physiological ecology and marine agronomy. He offers courses in scientific topics, biological principles, applied botany, environmental sciences, ecology, coastal ecology and marine biology. Levine’s research focus is on the bioremdiation potential of algae, cultivation ecology of Porphyra, and cultivar enhancment of commercial algae.

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