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Image from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery

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Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive

Salem Witches

With Halloween approaching let us take a look at the Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive. The archive created by the University of Virgina, consists of digital primary source materials that cover the 1692 trials, including the transcriptions of the court records. The collection also includes period literature about the trials along with letters and other court documents. The collection also contains historic maps of Salem Village and maps showing the locations of the events described in the court records. The collection is searchable by keyword or by the timeline of events.  Biographical profiles of those involved with images of notable people and historic paintings and illustrations give life to the court records. So if you want to know more about the witch trials or the history of Salem be sure to check out this resource.

URL: http://www2.iath.virginia.edu/salem/home.html

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In Motion: The African-American Migration Experience


Looking for information about African-American Migrations or African-American experience? Then try In Motion: The African-American Migration Experience. This site from the New York Public Library contains over 8,300 illustrations, 60 maps, and thousands of pages of primary and secondary texts focusing on the thirteen defining migrations that transformed the African-American experience and the United States as a nation, including the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Colonization, Haitian Immigration, the Great Migration, and more . Each section of the site includes full bibliographies and a plethora of related web links. Users can browser by migrations, by geography, or by a timeline of events. The site includes educational materials and lesson plans for teachers. So if you are looking for materials about the African-American migrations or just interested to learn more about American history be sure to try this site.

URL: http://www.inmotionaame.org/home.cfm

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Internet Medieval Sourcebook

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook from Fordham University is a collection of sources both primary and secondary that span the time period of the Fall of Rome to the voyages of Columbus. The collection is presented in categories such as the formation of Latin Christendom to Jewish Life to Economic Life to Sex and Gender, to names a few and all with links to the textual sources that cover these topics. Along with these pre-defined categories the collection also offers a full-text search option. Also included in this collection is the collection of hagiography, biographical works on the lives of saints. While this site is rather old in terms of the internet, it dates from 1996, it has been updated and most of the links to external sources should still work. So if you are looking for primary documents about topics during the time period covered here then this is a place to start.

URL: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/sbook.html

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